Dedicated Virtual PBX

The IPitomy Dedicated Virtual PBX is comprised of two basic components; your cloud based virtual IP PBX System and your IP telephones.  The PBX is in the cloud and the phones are on your desks.  The desks of course can be anywhere that has a broadband connection.  Remote users, branch offices and traveling employees all can be connected to the same system.  This provides a centralized messaging system, centralized reception as well as features such as busy lamps to see who is on the phone, even if they are working in a remote office.

As an example, if you have an employee in a branch office in Seattle and you are in New York, you can see if they are busy on the phone, see their presence status on your Q Manager Screen and send/receive text messages.  Parked calls will appear on a button on your phone (if equipped) and on your Q Manager screen.  You can park a call in New York and a colleague can pick it up in Seattle.

Since your system has been developed by IPitomy, the many years of development and application experience of the system is evident in the vast feature set and ease of operation.  Each user gets a dedicated portal to control the features on their phone, as well as voice mail and even printing the label on their phone.  After 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing telecommunications systems, IPitomy hasn’t left out anything you want and need.

Contrast IPitomy’s advanced features with most hosted providers who only offer hosted extensions off of a soft switch.  The feature set is limited and your calls are all part of a shared system rather than a dedicated system such as IPitomy.  You are in control of the features and you can grow without worrying about added hardware costs for the PBX, just add phones and licenses.

IPitomy has been making IP PBX Systems for business since 2005.  We still sell them.  The Dedicated Virtual PBX system is the exact same as those systems that get installed on-site, but without the hardware.  This lowers the total cost of ownership as time goes on since PBX repairs are a thing of the past.

Stay connected in the Amazon Cloud!

Ipitomy s not your average hosting provider.  Our Dedicated Virtual PBX is a fully featured Cloud based communications solution identical to our robust premise based solution.  With most hosted solutions you usually have to give up so many of your favorite features.  With IPitomy’s DVPBX you’ll feel like nothing ever changed! In fact, you’ll get all of the latest features and applications, and never worry about PBX equipment malfunction again!

You’ll never miss a call with ‘Follow Me and your voice mail can go right to your email so you can get it anywhere on the go! You don’t have to give up your busy lamp fields with IPitomy.  See who’s on the phone anytime, and transfer calls with ease.  Use our free WebManager to see who is on the phone from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

Be ready for anything.  With IPitomy in the Cloud, you are free to take your phone anywhere there is an internet connection.  Don’t let weather or family responsibilities be an obstacle to your business continuity.  The Cloud Architecture provides an unparalleled level of mobility by leveraging soft phones, mobile phones or even your home phone.  With IPitomy, you are always ready for what comes your way.

Customer service is often a weakness of a hosted solution.  IPitomy has designed its DVPBX so that you continue your relationship with your trusted local phone system installer.  You won’t have to wait on the phone talking to inexperienced service reps when you encounter a problem.  Instead call your local IPitomy dealer and have an experienced technician handle your needs.

With the IPitomy DVPBX you can choose your own SIP service provider, which means you have more flexibility than with most other hosted providers.

We know reliability is extremely important.  Your IPitomy DVPBX will be hosted in one of the world’s most reliable data centers in the world; the Amazon Cloud.  While many hosting providers are building their own smaller data-centers, Amazon commits to a 99.95% uptime reliability! Why gamble on smaller unproven data-centers when you can have the most proven and reliable one?

Now you can have it all.  A robust feature rich PBX in the functionality of the Amazon Cloud.  It’s a match made in the Cloud!

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