NEC SL2100

Next Generation of Smart Communications – Teleco is happy to introduce you to the NEC SL2100.

NEC SL2100 24-button PhoneThe NEC SL2100 is the ideal telephone system for businesses that need between 4 and 60+ phones. The NEC SL2100 is a Hybrid TDM/VoIP system with Fully Featured phones and is scalable up to 256 ports. It is can network up to 50 locations.

The NEC SL2100 will ensure that your entire team stays connected. It offers a wide-range of communications tools that accommodate flexible work environments. 

Teleco is the perfect company to provide and install the NEC SL2100 telephone system for your growing business. Teleco has been in the telecommunications business since 1978. Buy from a local business that has been helping companies across New York and New Jersey for over 36 years. You can count on Teleco when you need on site service and support.  We’re local just like you!

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  • Slot design
  • Built-in Features
    • 4-Port 2hr Voice Mail
    • 8 VoIP Ports
  • 6 Door Box Ports and Relays with 3external Page zones can be in one KSU
  • PRI is now a Slave card saves on a Slot
  • Optional wall Mount shelf now Available

New Feature Enhancements

  • CPU Auto update
  • ACD AIC Login
  • PCPro Easy Edit View
  • InUC
  • Lua Apps


  • 128 VoIP DSP Resources
  • 112 VoIP Extensions
  • 64 SIP Trunks
  • 50 SLNet nodes
  • 8 ACD Groups 128 agents


  • New Large Display Telephone
  • Self Labeling Keys
  • Supports Gigabit Connections
  • 32 Scroll Keys
  • Nice new round edge design
  • Supports SL1100 digital Telephones
  • Supports SL1100 VoIP telephones

New Designed Chassis and Terminals

  • Wall Mountable with Slot-In Design (Fan-Less) Chassis
  • Rack Mount Shelf available
  • New cosmetic designed Digital / IP Multi-Line terminals

Wide system capacity coverage

  • Up to 3 Chassis by Bus Connection, and support 4th Chassis by IP connection if required (4th Chassis support in R2)
  • Flexible system configuration by Digital Ext / Analog Ext / and Analog CO Trunk, SIP Trunks, and T1/PRI

Value-Added Features

  • Support Built-In VM (approx. 2 hours recording storage) / Built-In VoIP Channels (Max 8ch capability) / On-board Application (Lua) / InUC API (Simple Presence/IM, WebRTC)
  • Support Max 128 of VoIP Channels by new designed VoIPDB card

More VoIP Channels available on SL21100 (128 DSP Resources)

  • Greater Pure VoIP system capacity
  • OPEX Savings
  • Lower monthly bills (up to 70%)
  • Reduce overhead (single box connection)
  • Great Flexibility
  • Virtual numbers

Standard SL2100 system features, no longer add-ons

  • 4 Port, 2 Hour InMail (Built-In to CPU)
  • 8 VoIP Resources Built-In
  • CPU Auto Update Feature
  • Up to 6 Door Phones (may be on one chassis)
  • 50 Department Groups (up from 32)
  • 6 SIP Trunk Profiles (up from 2)
  • 8 ACD Groups, 128 Agents (License)
  • More Robust SL NET Feature
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