Commercial Services

At Teleco, we pride ourselves on offering a quality of service that cannot be matched by the competition. And that service covers every aspect of helping you with your phone system, whether that system is new or already in place.

Of course, Teleco is ready to help you install or upgrade your communications system, whether it’s Voice, Data, Internet or a combination of the three. Not only will we help you end up with the perfect system for your needs, we’ll also use our relationships with all of the top carriers to help you end up with the right price today and tomorrow. And we include 100% free training on every aspect of your system for all of your staff any time that we install a system. The same expert technicians who install the equipment will be using their expertise to ensure that your staff can use it. And we’re available 24/7 via toll free phone, fax and email to address any questions you have down the line.

Maintenance Service Agreement

Our Maintenance Service Agreements can help you breathe easier knowing that our experienced technical staff is just a phone call away from being on the case, with no copays or limits on service. Our technical support is available 24/7 to help you with your problem, offering the fastest emergency response times in the business. We want to get you back up and running as soon as possible. That’s why all of our customers with Maintenance Service Agreements receive priority scheduling for our technicians, making your repair or add on job the number one priority for our company as soon as it happens. Not only can we help you maintain new hardware, but we also have the real world experience with many NEC and Toshiba legacy systems to help keep them going as well. And our agreements cover your phones, cards, cabinets, voice mail systems, cables, jacks and cords.


If you need Cat 3 Voice cable, Cat5e Data cable or brand new Cat 6 cable run in a new or existing office environment, Teleco can come in and take care of it for you anywhere in the NY/NJ area. But we go beyond simply running the cable, and take care of all of the terminations at both ends. In other words, we’ll put in the jacks for your desktops and the patch panels as well, and then get everything hooked up and running for you. Any electrician can run cable. We run the cable and set up your entire cable network. Let Teleco get the entire job done for you. Learn more about our network cabling services.


If your company is facing a physical move and needs to take the communications system you’re using with you, Teleco can handle that for you in the New York/New Jersey area. We can even help you keep your existing phone and fax numbers, so you aren’t stuck passing on new contact information to everyone who you do business with.

Remote Administration

Remote Administration allows Teleco to make programming changes, upgrade system software and run test diagnostics on your system from our offices. So we can keep your telecom system running at peak efficiency without interrupting your day at all. And thanks to the remote nature of the program, we can offer this service to customers outside the NY/NJ area as well as our local partners. Any of our customers with Maintenance Service Agreements also receive Remote Administration at no additional charge.


We understand that the up-front expense of a new system might be beyond the means of a new company. That’s why Teleco offers leasing periods of 12 to 60 months of regular payments, at the end of which you take full ownership of everything for a $1 charge. We can set up lease agreements with new businesses or companies whose credit is less than perfect, so just call today to discuss terms.  We also take all major credit cards.

Multiple Locations

If you have branches across the country, we can take care of all of them. We can install and service NEC and Toshiba products nationwide with our network of highly qualified local vendors. Instead of every branch making separate deals with a multitude of vendors, you deal with one National Accounts rep at Teleco who takes care of everything for you.

Commercial/Music on Hold

Teleco can even take care of custom Commercial On Hold and Professionally Recorded Greetings for your phone system. Our Commercial On Hold service provides royalty-free background music of your choice and a professional voice talent. Everything is recorded in a sound studio so your customers can learn about your business when you have them on hold. Our NEC DSX and SL1100 products feature built-in playback with no need for an external unit. For our Toshiba customers, we carry commercial grade MP3 player designed to be in operation 24/7. Our Professionally Recorded Greetings offer you quality voice work recorded in a pro sound studio environment, lending an extra air of professionalism to your automated greetings. And Teleco will start from the very beginning by helping to put together the right script for your message. We can even have the same voice record both Commercial On Hold and Professionally Recorded Greetings for you to give a sense of consistency to your customers. Either of these services are offered free with every new telephone system, with options to have the second type also recorded for you at an added cost.

Printed Telephone Tags

We also print design labels for every single one of your phones for free. These can help remind you what every button on that phone does.

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