Toshiba VIPEdge

Enterprise-quality IP communications for your business without the need to buy, install or maintain PBX equipment

Is your organization planning to upgrade an analog or digital business telephone system to gain the capabilities and advantages only IP communications can offer?

Is your business a new or expanding venture with big potential but limited capital, needing to compete with much larger companies and project an enterprise-class image?

Would it benefit your organization to manage communications costs as a predictable monthly operating expense instead of an upfront purchase with annual maintenance contracts?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, your organization could be an ideal candidate for cloud-based voice over IP (VoIP) service, which delivers the benefits of modern IP business communications without the need to buy, install or maintain an on-site IP PBX.

Whether you want to conserve capital or simply free your IT talent for better things than running the office phone system, hosted communications services can be very liberating—and surprisingly affordable.

Toshiba offers its award-winning IPedge® business communications system as its cloud-based VIPedge™ service. With VIPedge, you get the benefits of an on-premises IPedge system, but instead of buying or leasing the system, you simply pay a monthly service fee based on size and usage.

The award-winning benefits of an on-premises Toshiba IPedge business telephone system but without the need to buy, install or maintain your own core servers.

Simplify the communications infrastructure

DP5130_view_01With VIPedge, Toshiba provides the data center infrastructure, IPedge servers and managed IP network that delivers the central intelligence of the communications system. All you need on-site are endpoint user devices and the local area network (LAN) to connect those devices to the secure VIPedge managed IP network. There’s no need to worry about powering, maintaining or updating the IPedge server. Toshiba takes care of all that in the cloud, and you always benefit from the latest firmware, software and features.

VIPedge uses the same high-quality Toshiba endpoint devices as the IPedge, including IP5000-series desk telephones, soft phones and mobility devices, such as the IP4100.

VIPedge provides a flexible way to control capital expenses, expand calling features and empower users for greater efficiency and productivity.

Project a big-business image with an SMB-friendly package.

VIPedge delivers a comprehensive feature suite based upon the IPedge—all the communication tools a business needs to communicate effectively, including:

  • Complete business telephone features, such as the ability to see who’s calling, transfer to voice mail or another line without picking up, put a call on hold and pick it up from another phone, speed-dial extensions, make conference calls and automatically redial busy lines;
  • Voice mail with unified messaging, with email and voice mail in one inbox, easy message retrieval and management, user-configurable mailbox options and more;
  • Unified communications for efficient call control from a PC or laptop; click-to-dial, presence and instant messaging; and integration with leading customer relationship management (CRM) programs, such as Salesforce.com®, Act!® and Microsoft Outlook®; and
  • Mobility solutions including in-building wireless communications, Find-me Follow-me call routing, and simultaneous ringing of your desk and mobile telephones.

Users can personalize their own phones, call handling, outgoing messages and more, just as they would if the IPedge server were in the office.

VIPedge eliminates the need to purchase or lease on-site PBX equipment to gain advanced calling features such as conference calls, Find-me Follow-me, simultaneous ringing, unified messaging, unified communications and mobility solutions.

Count on premium system availability

With VIPedge, Toshiba maintains IPedge servers in secure data centers that meet SAS 70 Type II audit standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). These data centers enforce rigorous controls that protect the security, availability and performance of your IP telephone system. Your organization benefits from data center survivability, security and controls that far surpass what a small business can provide on-site. For example, if the IPedge server that provides your business phone services becomes unavailable for any reason, the system automatically re-registers to a backup system, without users even noticing. If a primary network path becomes unavailable, calls can find their way to users’ cell phones or other devices via an alternate path using the IPedge Find-me Follow-me feature.

Become a more agile organization

With a cloud service, you’re not locked into a long-term system purchase commitment. Pay only for what you need today, and expand on demand as your business grows. It’s easy to open a new location or add seats to meet short-term or unexpected requirements. New applications are quickly deployed and managed in the cloud rather than on individual devices. With this adaptability, the business can respond rapidly to new opportunities and changing market conditions.

Count on Toshiba and your Authorized Toshiba Dealer

With more than 35 years of experience, Toshiba’s Telecommunication Systems Division and its dealer network deliver world-class IP communication solutions. Let Toshiba deliver the IPedge server intelligence and managed IP networking while your Authorized Toshiba Dealer manages your system configuration, management and maintenance through a secure Web interface. All you have to do is answer the phone and run the business.

Migrate to an on-site IPedge system at any time

If your needs change or your business expands to the point that it makes economic sense to have your own IP phone system, you can easily migrate to an on-premises IPedge system. You will reuse the same Toshiba endpoints, and users will not have to re-learn how to use the phone system. Cloud or on-site, the choice is yours.

Now available from Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide, Toshiba’s VIPedge starts at an average of a dollar per day per user. To find out more, contact your Authorized Toshiba Dealer today.

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VIPEdge Features

Call Processing FeaturesMessaging Features
Account Codes mdash; Verified, non-verified, forced
Advisory Messages, Alarm Notification
Alternate Answer Point
Automatic Busy Redial
Automatic Callback (ACB)
Automatic Line Selection (ALS)
Call Forward (system or station level)
Call History
Call Manager unified communications
Call Park, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Waiting
Caller Identification
Camp On
Classes of Service (CoS)
Conference Calls
Credit Card Dialing
Day/Night Mode
Directory Numbers, Dial Directory
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
Direct Station Selection (DSS)
Distinctive LED Indicator
Distinctive Ringing
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Emergency Call
Enhanced 911 (E911)
Emergency Ringdown
Feature Prompting with Softkeys
Flexible Line Ringing
Flexible Numbering
Handsfree Answerback
Headset, Hearing Aid Compatible, Volume Control
High Call Volume Buttons
Hot Dialing
Hot Desking / IP User Mobility
Line Buttons
Live System Programming
Message Waiting
Music / Message On Hold
Multiple Call / Delayed Ringing
Off-Hook Call Announce (OCA)
Power Failure Protection
Repeat Last Number Dialed
Ringing mdash; Ring Over Busy, Ringing Cadence
Speed Dial
Station Hunting
Survivability, System Fault Finding and Diagnostics
Uniform Call Distribution
Unified Communications
VLAN Tagging
Voice or Tone Signaling
Automated Attendant (Interactive Voice Recognition, IVR)
Find-Me Follow Me mdash; Verification, Record to Mailbox, Transfer Back
Holiday / Date-based Greeting
No Response Destination
Operation Mode
Simple Single-Digit Dialing
Time Of Day Greeting
Voice Messaging (highlights of 50+ features)
Notification of Message(s) Waiting
Message Forward, Rewind, Pause, Delete, Callback
Return Receipt, Notification of Non-Receipt
Park and Page
Personal Assistant
Personal Automated Attendant
Archive Mailbox
Automatic Message Copy
Distribution Groups, Ad Hoc Groups
Call Screening, Caller ID Routing
Confidential Message
Direct Transfer to Voice Mailbox
Future Delivery
Mailbox Setup Tutorial for First-Time Users
Configurable operating parameters
Unified Messaging
Integration with Email Clients
Messaging as an IMAP or POP server
Multi-Site Networking (VPIM)
Mailbox management
Set operation parameters
System Monitoring and Backup
Data Import
Mailbox statistics
System statistics and group lists
Call traffic by hour, by port, by system
Limited Dial-Out Digits
Limited Password Entry Attempts
Mailbox Lock and Administrator Notification
Secure Authentication for Outgoing Email

VIPedge System Capacities

VIPedge Stations and Trunks
IP5000 and IP4100 stations, Cyberdata VoIP Intercom (total devices)60
IADM on IP Telephone53 per system
Off-premises stations / standard stations56
Direct Station Selection (DSS) Consoles3 per station, 3 per system
Simultaneous calls60
SIP trunk channels60
Channel groups2
VIPedge Station Buttons per System
Call Forward, Personal Call Forward, Caller ID on IP phones72
Flexible Telephone ButtonsDepends on system configuration
Primary Directory Numbers [PDNs] per system72
Phantom Directory Numbers [PhDNs] per system288
Line and directory number (DN) buttons in use at the same time1,440
DNs with message waiting capability130
Phantom DNs with message waiting LED indication18
Multiple Appearances of DNs on telephones2.300
Night transfer buttons32
One touch buttons1,600
Advisory LCD messages lists10 per VIPedge system
Call forward, system call forward patterns4
Call Manager and Messaging
Users with Call Manager60
Messaging departments999
Messaging mailboxes (basic or unified messaging)5,000
Messaging script mailboxes1,000
Simultaneous messaging calls12
Hours of messaging storage4,000

VIPEdge Packages

Each VIPedge user license includes a comprehensive feature suite based upon the IPedge, such as advanced call processing, voice mail with unified messaging, Find-me Follow-me call routing, soft phone and Call Manager unified communications.

VIPedge SolutionSystem license, one per system / container
VIPedge Channel — UnlimitedUnlimited local and long-distance minutes for standard business user* — International calls charged separately on a per-minute basis.
VIPedge Channel — Toll-FreeUnlimited toll-free local and long-distance minutes for standard business user* — International calls charged separately on a per-minute basis.
VIPedge Channel — Call Center1,200 local and long-distance minutes included, then charged on a per-minute basis for additional minutes. International calling not included.
VIPedge Call Center Toll-Free1,200 toll-free local and long-distance minutes included, then charged on a per-minute basis for additional minutes. International calling not included.
VIPedge Business Standard UserStandard features for one user, including direct inward dial, VIPedge features, unified messaging with Find-Me Follow-Me and T.38 fax, and Call Manager Advanced with VoIP plug-in
VIPedge Auto-AttendantDirect inward dialing (DID) for main number or department number with Auto Attendant feature (interactive voice response)
VIPedge Toll-Free Auto-AttendantToll-free direct inward dialing for main number or department number with Auto Attendant feature (interactive voice response)

* A standard business is one that averages fewer than 2,000 minutes or 1,500 calls per month per channel for local and long distance calls.  A business that averages higher than this usage is classified as a call center for rate plan purposes.

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